• Creative and Expressive Arts Magnet School

Creative and Expressive Arts Magnet School

Flanders Sanford Architects. Inc

Client: School District of Lee County, FL 
Size: 1 story – 11 buildings – 130,000 sq ft.
Services: Programming, Architecture. Engineering Renovation

Cost: $7,200,000 

The main facilities programming challenge was to adopt a 1960’s school into a special Magnet School program immersed in a 1990’s curriculum.
The existing covered exterior corridor plan was respected and reinforced as the physical design concept. Natural light for the main north-south corridor, and new indirect artificial light for the three east­west corridors were the primary highlight for these strong circulation paths.
Old classrooms were remodeled and enlarged into art studios. music chambers, dance rooms, and state of the art computer laboratories. as detailed by the Magnet School program. The entire campus was designed for compliance with a Fla. State Technology Grant for voice, data, and video distribution systems.
All storm water. sanitary sewer, domestic water, plumbing, electric power, and air conditioning/ heating systems were completely replaced.