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  1. Carajean

    Retail sales drop undeceptxely:) Who are they kidding? What did they think would happen after people gorged themselves with their tax refunds? CNBC etc are just plain ignorant people.

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    Finns säkert någon nordisk klubb som kan slänga upp 5 miljoner för Mourad, men killen är 25 år och hans chans att komma längre söderut än Jylland är att gå gratis. Helt OK om han vore öppen med det och inte pratade en massa skit i tidningarna om att han vill spela för Blåvitt, klagade på kontraktsförslagen etc. för att få sympatierna på sin sida. Kassako, knappast, även om jag förstår vad du menar.

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    I can’t tell you how much of this resonates with me. I feel SO much better when I eat well and eat more natural foods. And it is scary what they put in things to render them lowfat. And Coke Zero? I’m a big fan. Thanks, Tessa!

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    just written a post for Barbara Sakamoto over at Teaching Village about the differences between teaching in Europe and in the UK. Even if you’re not interested in my post, I would heartily recommend taking a look at her blog

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    I looked nice, my day just couldn't get any better. I started school a few weeks ago, but it seems everybody feels the obliquity to tell everyone that they look so nice.I really like your top and the outfit looks really comfy.

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    2007.12.09  01:00 by tania Hola amigostengo una pregunta , yo me kompre una genius PenSketch 9×12, kiero instalarla en vista , pero me pide un archivo ke se llama setupext.inf y ke no enkuentra, alguien podria decirme komo podria instalar la tarjeta o si hay alguna manera de hacerlo?Muchas gracias.Saludos.

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    I think it all looks delicious! I just picked up some cauliflower at the Farmer’s Market yesterday. I should bring some broccoli back into my life.I’m not a huge cake eater, but this loaf looks really delicious. I would eat it in any state of chocolate chip location.

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    Buenas Marcelo. Estoy por viajar a Mexico y tengo varias inquietudes acerca de la situaciòn actual del paìs, màs precisamente del DF. Me han contado que se encuentra muy dificil la cosa (mucha delicuencia). Querìa aprovechar para preguntarte que recaudos aconsejas tomar o que àreas evitar ya que la modalidad de mi viaje serà como tu describes arriba (mochilero).Se agradece desde ya cualquier respuesta. Muchas Gracias.Federico

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    DaGoat There is no doubt the ACA helped this woman and will help many others. If you judge the bill purely on an individual compassion basis it’s a winner hands down.Compassion is not the only consideration though. If you believe as I do that the bill is fiscally dishonest, does little to control costs and panders to Big Pharma, hospitals and Insurance companies, then judging the bill is much more difficult. Does this woman’s life justify the passage of a heavily flawed, dishonest program? No easy answers there.

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    If rigged correctly and cast correctly you shouldn’t be having these issues. My guess is you are probably doing something when casting to cause it to foul. Try something different (when casting) or see if you can diagnose what you are doing during casting to cause the issue.


    brucine (14:18) votre histoire de milles nautiques et de noeuds marins n’est pas claire du tout. Un mille nautique est une unité de distance et les nÅ“uds une unité de vitesse (correspondant, certes, à un nombre de milles nautique à l’heure). Prière de ne pas prendre les pékins pour des sots.


    1. Low fat, organic vanilla yogurt with slivered almonds, blueberries & either blackberries or raspberries. I also like Newman's Own pretzels, Lesser Evil Kettle Corn & popcorn. Lightly salted dry roasted peanuts, too … apples … I think that's it now.2. I keep it mixed up – weights 2x a week, aerobics – 2x short, 1x long, yoga and pilates.3. Coffee maker, microwave, organic aanola spray, garlic powder, sea salt, pepper grinder and assorted herbs & spices that were recently used.4. No. I drink when I'm thirsty. 5. Exercise. Organics. Less red meat.


    Because, I can’t SPELL!!! At least that sounds better than “I didn’t notice the Category dropdown”. I think. It gets worse actually, because the first link was Wiki and you know how I hate looking at that for anything!I just noticed – you are shouting! Bad, bad, Raincoaster – you should have stuck with the Rhino. 😆 Anytime you mention shouting again I am going to backlink to this comment! 😀




    As a diabetic, I need 5 mins to take my insulin before eating. Then there’s the 5 mins waiting for the microwave, and 5 mins using the microwave. That leaves 15 mins to eat which feels like I need to scarf down my food before heading back to my desk. It definitely depends on the individual but it would be nice to have that extra half hour to breathe. And as mentioned in the article, since most businesses are closed by the time one leaves work (usually 5pm), it would be nice to have that extra time to run a few errands.

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    Bravo Martin…Voici quelques sports que j’aimerais voir au Canada: – Le mara skeleton : 42,5 km de décente en luge – Le saut à ski de hauteur – eSKItation : descente de piste à cheval – Le saut à ski de précision : les athlètes saut sur une cible géante, l’équipe qui gagne le plus de point gagne – Le Skiball : un foot sur une piste de ski avec des buts en haut et en bas…

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    I think he is rightcranes are limited in their capacity because of leverage. too much weight and they will flip over or the boom can break. Have u not seen those huge f’n dump trucks. u know the one’s with tires u have to climb with a ladder.

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    that he was ONE of the greatest. I said one because I think of several people such as Ghandi, MLK, JFK, RFK, Mandela, James Weldon Johnson, John Brown, FDR, etc. Obama at this time does not make my list as one of the greatest because he is just starting out. Depending on what he does with the opportunity he has been given as president, he can make my list since he is smart and insightful.

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    I have this model, it has worked great for 3 years. We use it often due to having a dog that can miss the puppy pad by inches and it ends up on the carpet. I would say it has been used up to 10 times a month or more the whole time we have had it.Recently it started to make a high pitched noise, a bit like the noise that is made when the tank is full. My son was using it and he thinks he saw sparks coming from it.Could it be worn out or is there something that needs servicing ?Thanks


    First time I tried I could not do it at all. I did a little deadlifting and upright rows and was able to do it after some training. But I do have a tall friend that can do it just by grabbing the string and straightening his back, taking the arms out of the equation is easier. BTW did you see the challenge in the last top shot? omg those burly dudes were using cocking devices with COMPOUND . it was comical to watch.

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    Andrea Sipoli disse:Gente, uma coisa legal tb é que no site há uma webcam ao vivo de onde a gente pode ver o balão saindo e chegando. Lá também dá p/ checar sobre as condições do tempo para saber se o balão realmente vai voar ou não, então é sempre bom dar uma olhada.Lina, obrigada por ter considerado a minha dica!Ah, apóio o comentário da Adriana sobre este blog virar um livro.Beijos!Andrea

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    Gracias por compartir , una noticia muy triste , dificil no llorar..Por Málaga desalojaron cientos de personas en tiendas de campaña, barriada el Bulto cerca del puerto…solo les queda irse donde, no los vean, al monte.Triste mundo de abundancia, en riquezas y maravillas como en desastres…demasiado egoismo.

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    Sabed Mako / Merci beaucoup pour vos explications. Quand je disais « zoning » et « cross-up » c’était des exemples parmi tant d’autres… Grâce à vous je mourrais un tout petit peu moins con. Pas totalement par ce que y’à du boulot pour combler toute cette bêtise qui me caractérise.

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    olá boa tarde doutor…… gostaria de saber se é possível uma criança com apenas 8 anos ja estar com a gengiva no lugar do dente de siso inchada e muito dolorida,tendo até que tomar remédio para passar a dor…………pois minha filha está com a gengiva inchada e com muita dor…a dias ja………..obrigado desde já…………….

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    I definitely stand by re-using clothes in outfits over and over again. Simple outfits shouldn't be overlooked! It's refreshing to see this on your blog, and one of the reasons I enjoy following it!

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    Awwwwwww thanks again by the way Dan And Karl, I may or may not have facepalmed when I saw the NuValve on the Riglet. Thought it went against the concept of the Riglet. Then I realized there’s this thing called “tone” which is supposed to be… “good” haha. Figured you’d have a very good reason to throw the NuValve on there, and it probably sounds great!In Karl We Trust!

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    Katja, kommenttisi tuli sillä välin kun kirjoitin äsken omaani. Kiitos kovasti kommentistasi, se oli ihana sekin! 🙂 Ja ystäväsi on todella onnekas ihminen – ja sinä, kun voit lukea tuota kirjaa kyläillessäsi. Niitä oli Helmet-tietokannan tietojen mukaan kyllä runsaasti lainattavissa kirjastosta pk-seudulla. Kunhan saan yhden Haru-kirjan luokseni, en aio palauttaa sitä ennen kuin on pakko.


    – “Anyway, Two and a Half Men turned Charlie Sheen into a blood, beer, and bush-obsessed narcissistic…” – Didn’t need the ‘ic’ at the end there, Zippy.But the inaccuracy of your intended statement is the real affront. Carlos was a blood, beer, and bush-obsessed narcissist for YEARS before ‘Two and a Half Men.’


    Grandma kept an H&R break top .32 short in night stand. Granddad (Metropolitan PD, Wash. DC) took it off a street punk who no longer needed it. 1920s vintage. Now a safe queen waiting for some local government to "buy back."Uncle Jim kept a Beretta 1934 he took off a German officer who no longer needed it. (hum, I sense a pattern). Aunt Ramona now using it as her bed side gun.

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    Hi! I just stumbled across your blog…nice! let me first off say, as a Northerner…I JUST LOVE Charleston!! I can't believe you have no chipotle's near you! We try to get to Charleston every year and make a special point to eat at 82 Queen….just divine! 🙂


    Bonafide fan…bonafide subscriber/follower …thank you for sharing your culinary savvy with all of us!…I cannot wait to try this "craving-of-crunch-satisfying" yet gluten-free cracker! It's just what I have been waiting for..Two questions…Could I possibly use hazelnuts instead of walnuts (due to allergy)..and could I somehow use wasabi powder (on hand in the pantry) instead of wasabi paste? Should the quantities of other ingredients be adjusted? Thanks so much!

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    Greetings. I like your site and am hoping you’re open to read/review one of my books. I’m published through Eternal Press and have 2 sci fi novels and a dark fantasy available. I’m willing to mail print copies or email an ecopy if you prefer. Hope to hear from you. – Aaron creator of the Lokians sci fi series


    DD, I don’t know if you realize this, but you are the guy that everyone is annoyed with when you troll here. The same guy that you can’t stand who trolls your team’s site. I would really like to know why you have such a hate for Packer fans and why you let them give you anxiety. It’s just a game DD. I get giving us shit once in a while but you make it your job. Relax dude, there’s nothing in life worth being so angry over.


    Like Mike, I was doubtful at the top but by the end I’d realised how right you are. And then I remembered some of the stuff from “side 2″ of Forth being quite good so I dialled it up to find I didn’t really like that either.The more I think about it the more I think I don’t really like them at all. How did I not notice this before?

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    Thank you so much for arranging the visit by the Bury Grammar School battlefields tour party to the Glory Hole on Sunday 23rd October. Iain and Richard were fantastic guides and the boys (and staff) were privileged to visit this fascinating archaeological site. We shall monitor the progress of the project with great interest and hope to pay a further visit on a future tour.

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    maradona> quand je dis "c’est la foire" c’est parce que j’ai horreur qu’on taille des joueurs sans arguments. Je défends Reveillere et Govou parce qu’ils sont injustement attaqué. Maintenant si tu te sent visé tanpis pour toi. Autre chose, aprés t’avoir lu insulter OM, je pense qu’en terme de respect tu ne peux donner de conseil a personnes ici. Cordialement.

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    Hilarious. I agree. Unless you’re prepared to slap a Wendy’s Baconator from her bulging hands (on which I’m certain each layer of skin is slowly collapsing on itself and dead skin flakes off like falling anvils), it’s just senseless to criticize her. She’s the namesake of the restaurant, there isn’t an argument one can stand (or collapse) to make for her not being the appropriate spokeswoman.


    I am against the death penalty. However, since there is one, I believe raping a 6 year old or 8 year old baby is the same as a slow death for the child. It can mean the loss or severe damage of reproductive organs as well as severe emotional trauma that may well be life-long.If I remember correctly, the felony charges for selling drugs is higher than rape in NYS. Plus, due to plea bargaining, some rapist are not even convicted of the actual crime of rape, don’t get treatment,and aren’t tracked.Obama did surprise me, but I understand his point of view.


    Vilket underbart ställe!!! fick lust att Ã¥ka dit jag med och bara mysa i nÃ¥gra dagar – härligt med alla djuren ocksÃ¥! vi har inget rest i pÃ¥sk – bara till min mamma som bor pÃ¥ landsidan, och där har vi pimplat och eldat brasa ute samt ätit alldeles för mycket god mat 🙂 Annars har vi bara varit hemmavid och städat ur huset och det behövdes verkligen och är ännu lÃ¥ngt ifrÃ¥n klart :)))Massa kram frÃ¥n Lycke

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    “NO MORE” and, except for the occasional story here and there, usually because it has something to do with our area or something I’m interested in, I have not watched an entire news cast since!! I know that it makes me less “worldly” but I definately feel more sane!! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one love your card, as always.

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    Joer, como se entere Ratzi… Si es que vas a romper la unidad espiritual de occidente, jajaja, como diría aquel otro más nuestro…Jo, ¿por qué has cambiado tu afoto? No nos gusta 🙁

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    Liebe Grit,gut, dass du auf deinen Körper gehört hast, auch wenn du richtig Lust auf Tempo gehabt hättest. Ich kann aber gut verstehen, dass bei soeinem Umfeld die Beine gleich anfangen zu kribbeln . Den Regenerationsplan hast du ja aber schließlich nicht umsonst.Das mit deinem Knie ist aber jetzt wirklich komisch… Ich hoffe, es beruhigt sich wieder! Gute Genesung dafür!Liebe Grüße aus Jena!


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